10 reasons why the First Trimester is awesome!

Although many can find the first trimester a major time of transition, there a heaps of reasons to love the first 12 weeks of being pregnant. Here are just a couple that I’ve put together to remind us all that the first trimester is awesome!

1.  It’s all yours!

Most couples wait till after their 12 week scan to confirm to the wide world that they are having a baby. Up until that point this amazing news is all yours. My partner and I were pretty much in a wonderful daze for the first trimester. It was our beautiful little secret and it was a special time for the two of us to relish the fact we had made a wonderful little baby.

2.  Learning new things about your body.

Pregnancy, birth and motherhood are a learning curve like no other. Along the way I have been constantly surprise, stunned and amazed at mine, and other woman’s bodies. The way the grow, change, adapt and give is breath taking. Prepare to be amazed too!

3.  Closeness and protection from your significant other.

Up until my first pregnancy my relationship with my partner had always been a very jokey-buddy kind of thing. We would play-fight, do physical activities in our down time and generally be physically very equal in our affection for each other. Then I got pregnant and it all changed. Over night he became protective, tender and gentle towards me like never before. It was a side of him, and our relationship that melts my heart.

4.  Welcome to the Sisterhood!

Once you find out you’re pregnant, you start to look at the woman in your life in a completely different way. There is an awe and respect that you start to give and share that was never there before. Whether they have had children or not, you understand that sometime in their life they probably have had their own journey and that it was as rich, complicated and complex as your own is starting to become. Your birth journey will bond you to these and other woman like you have never know. You feel connected to the sisterhood of life.

5.  Pampering yourself.

On becoming pregnant it was now a priority to pamper myself, to relax and take care of me. I’ll be honest, this isn’t something I do well. Mostly I try to find ways to give, give and give a bit more. The first trimester of pregnancy is a rare time when you can be totally selfish and put your needs first. Happy, healthy mum = happy, healthy baby and all that…

6.  Your baby will be completely formed by the first trimester.

It’s truly awesome how quickly your little baby will grow. In the first 12 weeks your baby will grow more rapidly than any other point in their lives. After the first 12 weeks, your little baby will have a heart beat, muscles and all of the organs they need for life will have formed. It has even learnt to swallow. Amazing!

7.  Your clothes still fit – for now!

Later on in your pregnancy you will no doubt need to make some rushed/slightly dodgy clothing purchases. There will be times when you are constantly shocked at how many clothes you could wear yesterday but now can’t squeeze into today…. but for now just enjoy the wardrobe you have.

8.  Bigger boobs!

Some of you lucky ladies out there will already be starting to blossom in pregnancy. Hello cleavage! For us smaller breasted women, pregnancy can be the only time in our lives we get to enjoy a larger bust size and if it’s starts for you in the first trimester, enjoy!

9.  You can ask and observe mum’s without having to have any of the answers yet.

The first trimester is a great time to ask silly questions to other mums. You can observe/people watch ladies with their babies and not feel like you have to have any of the answers yourself, you can just take it all in without worrying that someone is going to come up to you and what you’re going to do when it’s your turn. You have the time and space to make your own decisions when the time is right. For now though, just watch and learn.

10. If you’re suffering with physical symptoms, there’s light at the end of the tunnel.

If you’ve found the first trimester a physical rollercoaster, the end is neigh! Most woman have a massive reduction in the amount and severity of pregnancy symptoms after the first trimester as your babies growth starts to slow down. If this is you, take comfort that the second trimester is on it’s way!

To get in touch about your first trimester journey, email thefirstcuddle@yahoo.com and let us know how we can help you.

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