5 ways you can make a pregnant woman feel good

Being pregnant. It’s such a wonderful time in not just the lucky woman in questions life, but for everyone. There’s something about the beauty and amazing-ness of creating and supporting new life to grow that still gives me goosebumps. Being around a woman who is pregnant reminds us that we were someone’s baby once and that the circle of life is a part of all of us. However, sometimes we either forget, don’t know or haven’t been around someone who is pregnant for a long time. This article is dedicated to you. Here’s a heads up on what you can do to make a pregnant mum feel phenomenal. She’ll thank you for it!

  1.  Listen to her – pregnancy is a great time for woman to start to use their voice when they might not have been confident enough to in the past. However much you might want to understand or think you know what she’s going through, only she does so let her speak and share her world. You’ll be amazed at what you can learn about her.
  2. Ask her what she wants to do – pregnancy is a time of huge change in a woman’s mind, body and soul. What was ok one day might not be the next. Let her share her preferences without question and she’ll be more likely to be able to communicate her needs and wants with you in the future (if she can!
  3. Respect her ways of doing things – pregnant woman have different time frames to the rest of us. Ask them about how quickly they need to go to the toilet once they have felt the urge, and you’ll be amazed at how fast things need to happen. They’re body clocks are all over the place so they might go from being early risers to loving a sleep in. And vice versa. Let her set the pace. It won’t be forever and she’ll be much more nicer to be around.
  4. Be aware of physical contact and space – some woman crave touch when they’re pregnant, others despise it. Just because she has a wonderful, big belly with the most amazing little baby inside doesn’t mean that it or any other part of her body is public property. Always asks to touch a baby bump and take cues from her. If she’s complaining about being hot, then it’s probably not the best idea to sit super close. Be aware of her space.
  5. Read between the lines – kind of similar to point number 4. If she mentions something (like a cup of tea or a drink of water), she’s probably wanting one but might be too tired, too poorly or just too comfortable (finally) to go and make one. Be a hero and go and do it for her. She’ll remember your kindness and return it 10 fold when she can.

I guarantee that if you do just one of these things on this list, you will be her rockstar for longer than you think! If you’re pregnant or someone you know is and want to get in touch, email thefirstcuddle@yahoo.com for more information or just to have a chat.

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