The Fabulous Trimester: 4 – 6 months pregnant

Had your 12 week scan – check.

Made the big announcement – check.

Starting to really ‘show’ – check.

Welcome to the Fabulous Trimester!

Here’s 8 reasons to rejoice in being between 4 – 6 months pregnant.

You’re showing
Like it or not, you’re body is going to start to change during this trimester. You’ll no longer have people awkwardly staring at your tummy, your bump will be there in all its gloriousness for the world to see and admire! There are heaps of perks to now having your bump on display.  You can expect people to take a bit of care around you without saying why – lap it up! The remarks about glowing and being in your prime will also keep coming and you deserve them!

A new wardrobe
If you didn’t have to already, now is the time to start buying some new clothes for your expanding maternity wardrobe. Who doesn’t love to buy a new wardrobe right?!  Starting with the basics is a good idea and then think about adding a couple of key pieces. I found an item like a jumpsuit, that I could dress up or down, was a lifesaver. I didn’t have to spend too much on new undergarments until later in my pregnancies but if you’re in need, don’t wait. Maternity clothing is exciting, comfortable and a necessity so get ready to treat yourself!

The queasy feeling has past…finally!
Feeling better than the first trimester? It’s no surprise. The amount of growing your little baby did in the first trimester will start to taper off, which then means that your hormones will not be so up and down. That also means that those feelings of nausea and queasiness will start to abate. Hooray!

Passing the 20 week mark
This is a big highlight during the second trimester. At 20 weeks you’ll have a scan which can tell you how the baby is growing and… if you want to find out… the gender of your little baby.  Finding out that everything is okay at this stage of your birth journey is a huge relief for all Mums and Dads.  It also means that, provided everything is healthy and safe, you won’t need to be scanned again until your third trimester.  The scan and pictures will show your little baby’s face and body in loads of detail, compared to your 12 week scan. Time to start working out who your babe looks more like!

Finding out the gender
As mentioned above, if you’re wanting to know the gender of your baby, you can!  Most parents prefer to know the gender of their baby but you don’t have to if you don’t want to.  It’s a good idea to have a talk about this with your partner before you get the choice as this can be a very personal decision for your both.  When you get your scan make sure you say from the beginning whether you want to find out or not.

You can ask all the ‘dumb’ questions
Most of us rely on google to answer all our burning questions.  However, the second trimester is a great time to ask other Mums and Dads any questions you have. Many a time I have googled something and not been prepared for the uninformed, brutal answers that only a search engine can provide. When we ask for advice, help and guidance from an actual person they can gauge our emotions and feelings. Sometimes we need a hug AND the answers.

Shopping time!
During the second trimester you may start to look at buying some special things for your baby. This may be the buggy, a sling or furniture that starts to make it all seem real. These are exciting times and who doesn’t love a bit of shopping?!

Let the prep begin…
Early in the second trimester most couples start to book their childbirth classes. Whether it be NCT, personalised birth hypnotherapy or birth coaching (check out for bookings) you’ll want to start thinking about booking your sessions in now to start in the third trimester. Most NCT and hypnobirthing courses are best started when you’re 32 + weeks. However, birth coaching can be started at any time.

So, as you can see there are loads of reasons to enjoy the fabulous trimester. We would love to hear your experiences of being 4-6 months pregnant. Please share your thoughts, feelings, opinions and ideas below.

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