Why personalised hypnobirthing is a must

What is personalised hypnobirthing?

I think hypnobirthing is great, phenomenal even. I know the benefits and used it successfully during the birth of my own two children. For the purposes of this article and a lot of the work that I do with my clients, let’s just assume that hypnobirthing is a ‘must-have’ in your birth prep tool kit. Which it definitely is.

So what’s the problem?

Well, I keep hearing from new parents, and my clients, that hypnobirthing was pretty good in the weeks leading up to the birth for relaxing the mum-to-be and giving the dad-to-be something constructive to do. They even comment that the classes weren’t as bad as they thought they would be and that trying to relax in a room of 6 other couples got easier and easier. Unfortunately, what I hear is that when things actually get going and early labour starts or progresses rapidly many women forgot all about the hypnobirthing, so did their partner and the midwife didn’t have a clue what they were on about. There’s no doubt that more and more midwives are definitely becoming more informed about hypnobirthing but there still seems to be a glitch in the hypnobirthing system. It often seems like hypnobirthing doesn’t come into play when it’s needed most.

And I know why…

In my opinion language is at the heart of hypnobirthing.  As well as teaching new mums and dads vital information about the natural birth process, positive language and hypnosis scripts are used to help reframe the way we think and feel about birth.  All hypnobirthing trainers use positive language about birth and in any hypnobirthing book you buy its full of wonderfully positive birth stories to insprire and support. But whose language are they using?  Normal hypnobirthing scripts are stock-standard (they’re written by someone who has written the programme or trained the person delivering the hypnobirthing sessions), roughly 2000 word scripts which are designed to be read aloud by the birth partner or a prerecorded version is listened to through a speaker or headphones. These scripts are readily supplied by a hypnobirthing instructor along with other key pieces of information about positive birth stories, writing your birth plan and information about how the body works to make birth a positive, rather than painful, experience. These are all really important aspects to making birth an empowering experience for the birthing woman.

But what would make hypnobirthing even better?

One word, personalisation.

Like anything that is a product or a brand, hypnobirthing needs a bit of a shake up. In order for hypnobirthing to tap into the unconscious of a birthing woman and be truly effective it has to be personalised to the needs of the person hearing it.

When you go and visit a hypnotherapist they will ask a certain range of questions to find out more about you which will help them to tailor the treatment to aid recovery in the most affective and efficient method. Having a Diploma in hypnotherapy, that’s where I’m coming from. In order for hypnosis to be extremely effective at the critical moment, or when a women is focused on labouring her baby, hypnobirthing techniques need to tap into the clients deepest truths. To be successful hypnosis needs to use their clients language, tap into their clients happy memories or triggers which have been buried deep in the long term memory but which evoke the most powerful of physical and emotional responses.

Standard hypnobirthing practises work well but to receive the best treatment, personalisation is what needs to happen next. In the future I would love to see more clients receiving somewhere between what hypnobirthing is now and a more personalised service where clients are able to work with a hypnobirthing instructor in a give and take relationship.

Hypnobirthing can assist you in whatever birth you decide to have/end up having. Many a new mum has said they listened to their hypnobirthing scripts while waiting to have a c section or for an epidural to kick in. There is no doubt that hypnobirthing works in a wide range of scenarios.

Ok, so how can I get the tools of personalised hypnobirthing?

– Ask! The more pregnant woman who ask for personalised hypnobirthing scripts, the more effective it will be for your own birth. Mothers-to-be spend a lot of money on hypnobirthing sessions so make sure you get your money’s worth. Your hypnobirthing professional should ask you a few questions about strong memories – the best time in your life, the worst memory you have and other questions to find out about your likes and dislikes and personality traits. From this they’ll have a clearer picture about what sort of triggers could be used to tap into your feelings of strength, power and courage. At the very least they will be able make sure they don’t tap into any fears you have – deep water etc.

– Get in contact with me, Juliet, at The First Cuddle Birth Coaching to find out more and book your personalised hypnobirthing sessions today.

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