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Approach your due date with confidence.

Hi I'm Juliet!

So you're having a baby...

It’s okay to feel both excited and nervous as you move towards your due date. The women I work with talk about confidently attending midwife appointments, ticking items off their baby lists, but feel completely unprepared for the actual birth.  They feel a growing dread as the time approaches.

Using Hypnotherapy I work with clients to design calming strategies just for them.  We talk through their anxieties and create their own personalised positive birth stories. They go into labour with a bad-ass confidence, prepared for whatever comes their way.

My personal and professional training as a certified Hypnotherapist and a Wellness & Resilience coach allows me to help mums make the transition through birth with confidence.

Have faith in yourself.  Let me show you how strong you really are.


My Services

A bespoke service that suits your budget and your needs

"I am a certified Hypnotherapist and experienced birthing coach.  I offer a variety of support that I am able to package into a unique bundle that is personalised to your needs and wants." 


Does Hypnobirthing Work?

A birthing process promoted and certified by Midwives, Doctors and Healthcare professionals

"A three-year National Institute for Health Research funded study into the effectiveness of self-hypnosis during childbirth has found that  it did have a significant impact on the women’s levels of postnatal anxiety and fear about childbirth"

"Steady increase in antenatal classes teaching alternative relaxation techniques, with more NHS trusts either subsidising the courses or offering them for free"

"Hospitals around the country are reporting a steep rise in the demand for classes in hypnobirthing, which focuses on relaxation and self-hypnosis during the birth process."




"My first baby was a painful, confusing and  frustrating labour. I was determined to have more confidence and control with my second. Working with Juliet was incredible. She was patient, intuitive  and compassionate. I was sceptical as to what Hypnobirthing could do for me, but now I am completely sold! I went into labour feeling confident and ready. I am so thankful to Juliet"

Tayo & Baby Issy



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