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"I believe in delivering a highly personalised coaching service that empowers and supports my clients at their most vulnerable."

Juliet Forsyth-Farrelly, 
DHP Acc. Hyp. Bach. Of Education (Teaching), 
Integrated certificate in Wellness and Resilience Coaching.



Hi I'm Juliet.  So you're having a baby soon... feeling scared?  I know what it's like to feel more than a little overwhelmed by the idea of birth.  Finding it hard to imagine a fear free child birth, where you enjoy your first cuddle with your new little baby? 

Fear not!  I work with scared or nervous expectant mums, because as a mum of two young children myself, I know what it feels like to be worried about how unpredictable birth can be.  I know what it feels like to count down to your due date with fear and excitement (...but mostly fear!).  

My mum's come to me with a feelings of self doubt and fear.  When I worked with Jenny she was attending all her regular midwife appointments, ticking off items from her baby list, planning her baby shower but had no preparation or support for her actual birth.  Just a growing dread as her due date approached...

Jenny told me she had listened to, what felt like, a million birth stories.  All of which gave her the clear message that birth was painful, traumatic and she was edging ever closer to this event thinking there was nothing she could do about it.  Just night after night of sleepless nights... 

That's when I came along!  Through talking out her fears, creating her own birth story and practicing birth hypnotherapy techniques Jenny was able to manage her fear and go into childbirth with a badass confidence that meant she was the boss of her birth and her first cuddle.

My professional training allows me to help mums to make the transition from pregnancy to birth with confidence.  This confidence makes all the difference to your first cuddle and is the reason why I do what I do for my clients.

X Juliet

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