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How does birth hypnotherapy work with my other birth classes like NCT?

Birth hypnotherapy is very similar to your other birth prep classes like NCT. All birth classes aim to give new parents more information about the birth journey. By being more informed, you can make better decisions and feel more empowered about the birth of your baby. Like NCT classes, birth hypnotherapy gives you tools and information to use before, after and during labour. NCT classes, and any other information from trusted sources, are vital in learning more about what's going to happen during birth. As they say, 'knowledge is power' and I totally agree that the more you find out, the more you can decide what you do and don't want your birth journey to be. 

Can I still do birth hypnotherapy if I'm having a planned c section?

Absolutely! Not matter how your baby arrives into the world birth hypnotherapy can benefit you. That's c-section, epidural water birth or home birth... and everything in between! Birth hypnotherapy gives you personalised ways to be relaxed, calm and in the 'birth zone' - whatever that means for you!  By promoting feelings of relaxation, calm and confidence you can feel good about however your baby arrives into the world. Stress isn't great for the body at the best of times and by minimising stress during birth you're benefiting both mum and baby.

How does personalised birth hypnotherapy work with my midwife appointments?

Birth hypnotherapy sessions can be booked in at any time during your pregnancy. This means that we can work around your other appointments and keep it flexible to suit you. Some mums prefer to start the sessions later on in their pregnancy and keep the sessions close together. Other mums like to start them early and space them out more. As birth hypnotherapy is personalised to your needs we can make it fit with your other appointments and change sessions if we need to. This flexibility can help avoid any clashes with appointment changes or any unexpected new appointments that may come up. Is about making it work for you!

I'm planning on having my baby in a hospital. Can I still use birth hypnotherapy?

Yes, it sure can! I personally had two very different hospital births, both using birth hypnotherapy techniques the whole time. This gave me feelings of relaxation and calm that weren't dependent on the setting around me. My aim is to make you feel positive and confident about birth. This benefits all mums-to-be, no matter whether your birth is at home or hospital, birth centre or by the side of the road!

It doesn't matter where you're planning to have that all important first cuddle with your little baby, birth hypnotherapy can give you the tools and strategies to feel relaxed, calm and confident. 

If I do birth hypnotherapy will I be really 'out of it' during the sessions?

Great question! Birth hypnotherapy is a gentle form of relaxation. Clients tell me it feels like day dreaming or similar to the  sensation you get just before you fall asleep. You are still conscious, just relaxed and with your eyes closed. You can be sitting up or lying down, whatever feels best for you.  Relaxation, like that which you experience during birth hypnotherapy sessions, helps your body to naturally produce all the feel good hormones like oxytocin, endorphins and serotonin. These hormones help relieve pain during labour and help to stimulate breastfeeding after your first cuddle. So get comfortable and just r-e-l-a-x.

I'm working full time and can't get to a hypnobirthing class after work. Can I still do birth hypnotherapy?

Most definitely!  Personalised birth hypnotherapy sessions mean that we find a time and venue that suits you. We just need a quiet space and a comfy chair - that's it! There's nothing worse than having to stay up late for a class when all you want to do is relax after a long day at work. Also, as your pregnancy goes on, trying to rush around quickly to appointments is far from ideal (and sometimes not physically possible!). I do what works for you. 

My clients usually prefer to do sessions at their homes, which is a perfect location. You're comfortable, relaxed and don't have to worry about trying to stay awake in a class after a long day at work! I run session on the weekends so you don't have to worry about clashes with work or midwife appointments. This also makes it easier for your birth partner to join us for a session (if they want to!). 

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